Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meziadin Lake Provincial Park

It seems we are leaving the urban world behind as we drive farther north in British Columbia leaving the city of Prince George far behind as we navigate Route 37, The Cassiar Highway. It's taken a few days to get the mindless chatter out of my head from Cable TV, Talk Radio, and even the NY Times, Washington Post, and the Oregonian warning of terrorism alerts, bank crises, company bankruptcies, fiscal disasters on the horizon, and the endless stories of immigration and local crime.  Our only connection to the outer world is now through occasional use of Satellite Radio, Skype and the Internet. Our TV antenna is blocked by one of our kayaks on top of the RV and our evening entertainment comes from evening walks, DVD's, music, reading, and games.  I can feel the ordinary stress of city living fade away into the background as we focus on the moment and enter the realm of Provincial Parks.

British Columbia will celebrate its centennial next year in commemoration of its first Provincial Park that was established in 1911. They are similar to the best of our State Parks often situated adjacent to a lake or river for breathtaking views. Meziadin Lake PP is no exception. The view alone was worth the $16 fee for a backdrop that presented a panorama of Meziadin Lake, waterfalls, lush green forests, and snow covered mountains. Our dry camping site provided a picnic table and fire pit with separate toilet and water facilities. Our electric is provided by two solar panels on top of "Dorothy" as we affectionately call our motorhome, and a generator if we need it. We were in "outdoor" heaven!


It wasn't long before we had the kayaks and canoe down and we were exploring what would become our home surroundings for the next few days as the sun, clouds and rain swapped places to give us an ever changing series of colorful vistas.

What a way to end a spectacular day and enter the world of the Far North.


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