Saturday, June 26, 2010

Twilight Zone North

                                   Light lingers ever longer in the North as we drive the Adventure Highway
                                   In a few weeks time we sleep as the orchestra plays its many variations
                                   During the day we seek out roads, lakes and rivers that follow Scenic Byways
                                   Never to forget our days and nights on Boya Lake amid God's creations.

                                     By ageless kayak we search the land of yesterday today
                                     To follow a path of timeless wisdom, heart and light
                                     I know a lake full of jade and gold this very May
                                     That entices the stars and planets at its very sight.

                                       Clouds capture water colors day and muted night swoon
                                       Appear majestic and serene as sun sets yonder and near
                                       To the sounds of shrilling loon and silent rising moon
                                       Whispering that life this day is precious and very dear. 

                                         We set to sleep in our home away from home so slow 
                                         Midst the splendor of love and comfort until fall
                                         Cached by mountains, forests, and golden glow
                                         To give thanks to the wonder and mystery of it all.


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